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Strategic cooperation

Reach intention of cooperation with cooperative organizations, formulate cooperation direction, sign strategic cooperation agreement, and lay a foundation for the implementation of future cooperation.


Scientist studio

Introduce scientists from universities and scientific research institutions; establish scientist studio by the original organizations of the scientists and funded by the TIES to accelerate the technical development of labs, and boost the transformation fr


Joint lab

Establish joint lab with enterprises oriented at market demands for joint technical development.


Longitudinal projects

Aiming at state strategic demands, cooperate with universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises to apply for state-level, provincial-level platform and scientific research projects and jointly conduct basic research and technological brea


Transversal projects

Undertake various science and technology development, scientific projects, and scientific researches entrusted by enterprises and public institutions, as well as projects issued by unconventional declaration channels of government departments.


Incubation projects

Conduct technical incubation through TIES platform and establish a start-up company after technology development is mature.


Technical services

Test characterization, failure analysis, customized cell manufacturing, simulation, and software development technical services in the battery field.


Integrated services

Non-technical integrated services such as venue leasing, personnel recruitment, financial management, and procurement management.


Information consultancy

Provide information consulting, conference & exhibition, academic lectures and other information services in the new energy industry.

Technology development model

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    Direct research and development of core materials: In-house lab

    Cathode material R&D laboratory

    Electrolyte R&D laboratory

    Soft material R&D laboratory

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    External cooperation: Scientist studio

    Sulfide all-solid-state battery laboratory

    Thin-film all-solid-state battery laboratory

    High-energy density metal lithium battery laboratory

    High voltage cathode electrode laboratory

    High energy density lithium-sulfur battery laboratory

    Advanced battery cryo-electron microscopy laboratory

    Electrochemical differential mass spectrometry lab for advanced battery

    Interface science and engineering laboratory

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    External cooperation: Enterprise joint lab

    High-volume energy density battery joint lab

    Graphene energy storage application development joint lab

    Medical electronic battery joint lab

Incubation projects

(all-round enabling services relying on advanced scientific research institutions)

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    Technical innovation stage

    Speed up technical cultivation of incubation projects through advanced technical services, guide the application of technological innovation in the market, and conceive business models.

  • 02

    Start-up stage of the Company

    Accelerate the incubation process of innovative projects through professional management services, guide the entrepreneurship from technological innovation, and form business models.

  • 03

    Development stage of the Company

    Expedite the implementation of the project company's business model through integrated services, and advance the process of products from testing to mass production.

  • 04

    Mature stage of the Company

    Optimize the equity structure of the project company through professional financial services, and assist the company in refinancing and value-added management.

Target at major national needs; and main battlefield of national economy;Gather original innovation, develop intelligent manufacturing, and lead energy storage industry

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