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Member of Liyang CPPCC and Vice President of TIES Liu Xiaosong: Contributing to build“Electric Liyang”

Forge ahead of the new journey and set out again with dreams On January 4, the First Meeting of Liyang Sixteenth Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference was solemnly opened. During the 3 days of conference, CPPCC members from all fronts in the city conscientiously performed the functions of political consultation, democratic oversight, participation in and deliberation of state affairs to offer feasible advices and suggestions and propose innovation moves for the economic and social development of Liyang.

During the meeting, the Vice President of TIES Liu Xiaosong, as the Member of Liyang CPPCC, received the interview from Liyang Convergence Media Center. Liu said, TIES will, led by the construction of “Electric Liyang”, implement the general deployment and requirements about “fostering industrial clusters and enforcing innovation-driven development” proposed by Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and will carry out the following work in the new year:

First, strengthen innovation capacity, and give full play of advantages of TIES and Yangtze River Delta Physics Research Center in basic research and as the talent gathering highland;

Second, strengthen the synergistic effect of innovation chain and industrial chain. Backed by lab R&D, intensify technological innovation, efficiently serve industrial chain, and give play to the supporting role of science and technology. In addition, we will build a bridge from original innovation to industrialization, and boost the deep integration of innovation chain and industrial chain.

Target at major national needs; and main battlefield of national economy;Gather original innovation, develop intelligent manufacturing, and lead energy storage industry

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