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Second Price in the Year of Tiger |Four TIES Talents Were Awarded

Gather talents from all over the world to lay the foundation for development

Gather talents by environment and seek for change with innovation

Recently, the mobilization meeting of “Consolidation Breakthrough Year for Integrated Cultural and Tourism” organized by Li Yang Municipal Committee of CPC, and the Municipal Government were held in the Culture and Art Center.

The meeting commended the cadres and masses fighting hard on all fronts, industries, and fields across Li Yang. The Honorary President Chen Liquan, President Li Hong, Vice President Liu Xiaosong, and chief scientist Wu Fan from Tianmu Lake Institute of Advanced Energy Storage Technologies (hereinafter referred to as “TIES”) were among the list of commending!

      Municipal Party Secretary Xu Huaqin, on behalf of the Party Committee, People's Congress, Government and CPPCC Committee, expressed high tributes to the people who have fought for and those who are working hard for the reform and development of Liyang.

Mayor Ye Minghua requested the whole city to forge ahead and devote themselves to working on the basis of comprehensive learning and implementation of the spirits of this Conference, to strive for victory with full spirits in the first quarter, and to pave the way for achieving triumph on all fronts in this year.

This honor is the recognition for TIES 'achievements in the past year, and also the inspiration to encourage TIES people to strive forward and realize the Chinese dream for electric in the future.

Talent is the primary resource, and innovation is the primary driving force. From Chen Liquan to Li Hong, and to other scientists with great achievements in the industry, TIES never stops its step of attracting talents and bold innovation. Among them, Chen Liquan has lead the scientific team as the pioneer of the Li-ion battery study and industrialization in China, and proposed the high-capacity nano silicon anode material for the first time in the world; and Li Hong, a party member scientist, has achieved the ultimate in making batteries. By the end of 2021, about 16% employees of the Company owned doctor degree, and about 45% of master degree or above. The Company has established 9 scientist studios and incubated 6 new energy storage technology company, and conducted research and technology cultivation of key materials, next-generation battery, advanced characterization technology in the lithium battery field, which vigorously promotes the industrialization process.

Based on unique advantages of the platform, TIES introduces scientist studios, innovates the new mode of integrated support of talents, teams and projects, and combines the innovative ideas of scientific research and application needs of enterprises. It strives to advance the integration of enterprises, universities and research institutes, overcomes common problems and bottleneck technologies, promotes industrialization of basic research, solves industrial technology problems efficiently, and leads energy storage industry development.

Target at major national needs; and main battlefield of national economy;Gather original innovation, develop intelligent manufacturing, and lead energy storage industry

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