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TIES was approved as Jiangsu Advanced Solid State Battery Engineering Research Center

TIES was approved as Jiangsu Advanced Solid State Battery Engineering Research Center

Recently, Tianmu Lake Institute of Advanced Energy Storage Technology (TIES) received the "Notice of Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission on the Consent to construct Jiangsu Engineering Research Center in 2022" (Su Development and Reform High Technology Development (2022) No. 1103), and the "Jiangsu Advanced Solid State Battery Engineering Research Center" declared by TIES was successfully was approved.

The Engineering Research Center is led by TIES, which aims to construct an advanced solid-state battery R&D platform and conduct research on new materials and technologies in the field of advanced solid-state batteries by focusing on the research and development of key materials and battery technologies for new energy power and energy storage batteries.

In the next step, TIES will take the construction of the engineering research center as an opportunity to further integrate superior resources to accelerate the development and industrialization of solid-state battery materials and battery technology for early application in power battery and energy storage fields to generate economic benefits. At the same time, we will build an innovation chain with solid-state batteries as the main line, and gradually push the key materials, cells and equipment technologies involved in solid-state batteries to maturity and realize the transformation of results to improve the industrial chain.

Target at major national needs; and main battlefield of national economy;Gather original innovation, develop intelligent manufacturing, and lead energy storage industry

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