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Frontier Technology Center

Core Business

The Frontier Technology Center is committed to the development of forward-looking technologies in the battery field, focusing on high-performance battery technology, layout the innovation chain, promot the development of high-value innovative battery technology in the future, boost technology transfer and transformation, and advance the incubation of competitive enterprises. Frontier Technology Center takes technical services as its main business, including standardized technical services and customized technical services, and is committed to becoming a world-leading third-party cooperation platform for cutting-edge technology development services in the field of advanced batteries.


Technical team

The frontier technology center has a technical research and development team in the field of battery materials, devices, and characterization technology. The core members have many years of work experience in the lithium-ion battery industry. The background of the technical team covers key materials, battery cell customized development, advanced characterization technology and other fields.


Service Tenet

Facing the market demand and the development direction of next-generation advanced battery technology, through technical cooperation and development, jointly promote the development of battery technology with upstream and downstream partners in the industry.


Service mode

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    key material

    1. Advanced cathode materials

    2. Next-generation anode materials

    3. Functional electrolytes

    5. High performance binder

    6. Functional conductive additives

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    Batteries technology

    1. Solid-state lithium (ion) batteries

    2. Lithium sulfur batteries

    3. Medical electronics batteries

    4. Batteries in special application scenarios

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    Advanced Characterization Technology

    1. Application of electrochemical differential mass spectrometry in detection of gas production in lithium-ion batteries

    2. Application of Cryo-TEM in the field of energy storage

    3. Application of synchrotron radiation technology in the field of energy storage

Service projects

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    Key material development

    advanced cathode materials,

    next-generation high-performance anode materials

    functional electrolytes

    key material development

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    Cell development

    solid-state lithium (ion) battery

     lithium-sulfur battery

    medical electronic battery;

    battery for special application scenarios

Target at major national needs; and main battlefield of national economy;Gather original innovation, develop intelligent manufacturing, and lead energy storage industry

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