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Test and Analysis Center Division

Core Business

The center division is mainly engaged in the characterization and measurement of the morphology, component, structure, and physical and chemical characteristics of materials related to battery, as well as the performance and quality evaluation of the battery device and component.

Technical Equipment

Nearly 100 million yuan has been invested in the purchasing of the first batch of equipment, including more than one hundred of large precision test equipment, including Auger electron spectroscopy, time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry, x ray photoelectron spectroscopy, field emission transmission electron microscope, field emission scanning electron microscope, scanning probe microscope, x-ray computed tomography imaging equipment, multifunctional X-ray powder diffractometer, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscope,  Laser-Raman microspectroscopy, vacuum fourier infrared spectrometer, infrared microscope, etc. Based on the air sensitive characteristics of Li-ion battery materials, this Center specially equips some vacuum/inert atmosphere transfer device  to ensure that samples will not be damaged due to contact with air during the test process.

Technical Team

A professional technical team for testing and analysis has been established consisting of more than 30 people, all of whom have Master's degree or above and material, physics, and (electrical) chemical professional background.

Service Tenet

Relying on the R&D team of Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and backed by high-end instruments, high-caliber technical teams and management teams, we adhere to the service concept of “good attitude, fast response, high efficiency, accurate data, deep understanding, and great value”, and commit to provide comprehensive, multi-level, high-quality analysis and testing services for the energy storage technology enterprises and R&D teams.


Service Mode

  • Basic test

    morphology, component, structure, thermal, physical-chemical, electrochemistry, surface and interface property/performance test

  • One-stop test

    cathode electrode, anode electrode, electrolyte, separator, cell and auxiliary material and other one-stop test and analysis services

  • New methods and standards

    method standardization; development of new test methods and techniques (in situ, non-destructive); standard drafting and compilation

  • Failure analysis service

    Benchmarking analysis: Failure analysis


Target at major national needs; and main battlefield of national economy;Gather original innovation, develop intelligent manufacturing, and lead energy storage industry

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