Fuyang Solid Energy Storage Technology (Liyang) Co., Ltd.

Fuyang Solid Energy Storage Technology (Liyang) Co., Ltd. focuses on the development of key materials and cell preparation technologies of all-solid-state thin-film Li-ion battery, and has several core patents in solid electrolyte material and all-solid-state battery manufacturing. With Doctor Fu Zhengwen from Fudan University as the technical leader, it is one of the earliest research teams engaged in the research of all-solid-state thin-film lithium battery. In particular, in terms of thin-film solid electrolyte, the Company has developed high-performance solid electrolyte thin film based on LiPON, and developed new vacuum film deposition equipment with world-leading technology. The preliminarily-prepared all-solid-state thin-film lithium battery can reach a capacity as high as 5 mAh and delivers high preparation efficiency. The products can be applied in electron devices, military equipment, RFID, implantable medical devices, wireless sensors, and electric vehicle and other fields. At the same time, the Company can promote the transfer and transformation of all-solid-state thin-film Li-ion battery and other related technologies.